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Turmeric + Carrot Brightening Clay Mask 1.7 oz

Turmeric + Carrot Brightening Clay Mask 1.7 oz

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Our Turmeric + Carrot Brightening Clay Mask is a gentle detoxtifying treatment and cleanser and moisturizer for any skin type. Our blend of organic turmeric powder, carrot powder, and pure kaolin clay is rich in powerful antioxidants. Turmeric which is anti inflammatory helps to reduce acne and any resulting scars. The anti-inflammatory qualities can target your pores and calm the skin. Blended with carrot and pure kaolin powders, this mask is mineral rich and contains a powerhouse of detoxifying and nourishing agents. Promotes skin brightening and helps fade dark spots. Also treats eczema, stretch marks, discoloration, and smoothes and softens rough, dry skin, drawing out impurities and clearing pores.


Get Yours Today and Brighten your skin the way it deserves.


Try with our organic rose, chamomile, or tea tree water for optimal results. 

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